I Made a YELLOW FOAM BEAD VIRAL NANO BALLOON Fidget! 🌼💛🌻🌙😱🫧*satisfying nano tape bubble ASMR*

I Filled the TikTok VIRAL POPPING ORB Fidget with YELLOW ONLY STUFF! 😱🫧*highly satisfying nano tape bubble ASMR*

In this fidget shorts, I test the viral tiktok hack which is a fidget hack that teaches you how to make a satisfying clear orb that pops when squished and make satisfying ASMR. I was challenged to fill the nano tape bubble figet toy with yellow only things and pretty glitter + slime charms so I filled the tape balloon with foam beads. This is a new type of diy fidget toys. Comment if you would like to know how to make this diy nano tape bubble hack squishy.

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